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The beauty of a Micro Wedding

What is a micro wedding?

A Micro Wedding is an intimate gathering, with no more than 20 – 30 guests. Being smaller in size it is more relaxed and shorter in length than a traditional wedding day, although it can still include the bride and groom preparations being captured too! Micro Weddings still feature time-honored traditions that comprise a larger wedding but on a smaller scale. During the Covid pandemic Micro weddings have become an excellent alternative. In the middle of all of the strange times we are living in, there is still a way to make your wedding day special.

What a Micro wedding has looked like during the pandemic…

Alice and James

Alice and James wed at Combe House Hotel https://www.combehouse.co.uk/
Alice and James make a quick speech
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Bride Alice writes:

What a journey it has been to be able to marry…VERY overwhelming at times and had tested and pushed me to my limits. When we decided to get married, we both sat down prior to the Pandemic and just decided to go for it, not knowing what was coming of course. We never wanted a very big wedding, I think we started at 42 guests and then eventually had to narrow it down to only 15!

It was so hard to choose who to invite and who to not invite but the family was so understanding and knew how much we wanted to get married and how that was the most important thing. I felt many mixed emotions leading up to the day, as I had been upset, angry, excited and frustrated due to cancellations and many alterations and didn’t think I could cope with another postponement.  When we found out the restrictions that were put in place, from 42 guests to 30 then to 15, we weren’t sure whether to cancel and postpone till next year or when there was an available slot, but we decided to go ahead with the date we had in October with the 15 guests. We had nothing to lose and were reassured that everything at the venue was good to go.

The day was so relaxed, intimate and personal and everyone commented on the fact how nice a small an intimate wedding is, as they had all been to big ones in previous years.

Everyone really enjoyed the time they spent talking to other members of the family and could have a nice long decent conversation without trying to get round to see another 50 people. There was of course the Covid limitations but everyone did well and wore their masks and stuck to the distancing.

The day worked because we and close family made it work and with lots of family support and also the great help from our venue!

As much as we had an image of a much larger wedding in our minds and that image that we had initially for the day, we both had to be realistic and just start fresh, adapt and come up with new and unique ideas as having a wedding during a pandemic is a once in a lifetime experience. For me the most important part of it all was to marry the man I love and everything else was just a bonus…

The beauty of a Micro Wedding

January 13, 2021