Engagment Shoot

What to wear to an Engagement Shoot!

It’s a question I hear often.

So, you have your engagement shoot coming up and you have no idea what to wear. 

I have put a guide together for each season in the hope that I can make it a little easier when it comes to you choosing outfits to wear for your Engagement shoot.


Spring Engagement shoot

Lisa & Tim had their Engagement shoot at 

Huntstile Organic farm early in April.  https://www.huntstileorganicfarm.co.uk  I love the warm tones that Lisa & Tim have chosen, they decided on smart/casual outfits, and kept it simple by using nice solid colours, doing this keeps from attracting attention to themselves, in turn this also blends in with the background so the attention is on their faces rather than their clothing. 


Beach Engagement Shoot

Carly & Chris had their Engagement shoot at Kilve Beach, Somerset in June. As you can tell by the image it was a bit windy that day! 

Carly & Chris chose colours that would complement their skin tones. The stripes in Carly’s top work well again Chris’s black T-shirt and don’t detract from their faces. I love that its off the shoulder too. 

Farm Engagement Shoot

Nina & Andi chose Huntstile Organic Farm as well for their engagement shoot but in July. They also brought their dogs with them who were absolutely adorable.

They’ve thought about outfits that would suit them both, and needed to feel comfortable, it was such a hot day! 

The white and navy used really compliments their Summer tans. 

Engagement shoot in the woods


This image of Stacey & Jack was taken one early Autumn afternoon near Pensford Viaduct. The lighting was beautiful, I loved this location.

We had some fun too, even before I had taken any photographs I had managed to slip on dry mud and fall hard on to my backside 😂 It was a great icebreaker!

Still warm in September Stacey & Jack opted for plain colours that not only complimented them but the stunning surroundings too. Had they chosen tops that had a pattern of any sort this image would have been very different.


Forest Engagement Shoot

Sam & Tom chose Haldon Forest, Devon for their Engagement shoot in January. It was a pretty chilly day.

They went for a smart/casual look with warm and rich colours, these compliment their skin tones. Most of us have an idea of what colours suit us which is always worth taking into consideration.

After we had a few shots around the forest, Sam & Tom changed into their other outfits for some images enjoying their hobby, mountain biking!

Adventure Engagement Shoot


Which colours compliment the skin tone?

So, it works well if you know the colours that suit your skin tone, especially if you have a tan.

White works well with naturally golden skin tones and can make your skin appear darker too!

A solid black top can also make your tan stand out.

If you want to go for a softer colour without it making you look washed out, go for Navy.

If you want to bring out the warm tones of your skin go for pastels, pale pink, blue or green.

What to avoid…

Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or unconfident.

Outfits that match

Logos or loud patterns

Garish colours

Anything thats too tight or loose

Make sure you wear clothes that make you feel like you! And if you want to change it up a bit bring two outfits!


Be yourselves

Take time to pick a location for your shoot

Accessorise…not too much ( A summer floppy hat can look fabulous with a boho dress)

Go barefoot for some of your shots

Flaunt your favourite features…My mum always said you’ve got great legs Cindy, show them off while you can

Wear clothes that flatter your body type

Get your nails done or do them yourself for those engagement ring close-ups!

Have fun, this time is all about you and your wife/husband to be…embrace the moment!

What to wear to an Engagement Shoot!

May 27, 2020